Soundclash Records is a side project of James Sammon. It is an outlet for him to release music outside of the artist name and music genre he is best know.

The idea originally started three years ago but recording and vinyl release commitments label wise stalled everything. 

Bass Invaderz is an alias / brand of James's and is for releasing Breakbeat, Bass Music and Bass House. 

This style of music is not knew to James who has released UK Garage, Garage and Bass House with Ministry Of Sound / Relentless Records.

Look out for the first BASS INVADERZ EP soon called RINSE OUT



The Iconic Pianoman track called TRIBUTE TO ASHA is getting a new remix and remaster for 2024.

Originally released in 1993 / 1994 on Discomagic Records UK it was released on vinyl backed by SO IN LOVE.

This track and the remastered original mix will also feature on the forthcoming Pianoman album IN THE BEGINNING.

So In Love 2024 (Discomagic UK Classic Release) 

There is a new mix of the classic Pianoman track SO IN LOVE currently in the works in the studio.

This new version will be featured on the forthcoming DEBUT ALBUM by PIANOMAN called IN THE BEGINNING.

THe album will feature all the original classic 90's piano anthems from PCP to Pianoman classics. It will also feature NEW PIANOMAN tracks in the HOUSE PIANO STYLE. MUSIC OVER THIRTY YEARS IN THE MAKING.

Blurred re licensed to Xploded Music / Universal 

I am very happy to announce Blurred has been licensed to Xploded Music / Universal.

Having known Cris & Matt many years since remixing Ultracynic's “Nothing Is Forever” for them in 1996 which was the start of a relationship that continued through the years. 

Both have seen the vision I had for Blurred which began three years ago and I cannot wait to see where it goes now.


Lee Pollit Remixes Pianoman! 

Pianoman goes bounce with Lee Pollitt remixing CAST A SPELL and the Pianoman cover of Euro classic BEAT IT by JK. The latter features a massive revocal by Pianoman P.A vocalist Tayla Jai. Look out for additional bounce remixes coming soon from Pitch Invader, Bounce Assassins, Deano Ballistik, Darren Glancy and more.  All pianoman bounce remixes will be available from Bounce Heaven Digital.


New from PM brand as we enter the bounce arena with classic Pianoman tracks being remixed by the biggest producers and remixers on the bounce scene. 

Pitch Invader, Lee Pollitte, Kenny Hayes and many more. 

Bringing the pianoman sound to a whole new generation